Combination Tool

Inventor: Byron Boardman
Patent No: 56,166
Patent Date: July 10, 1866

This little tool was on the market for over 40 years. The smallest size of this tool (41/2 inches) is very collectable. When it is found at tool meetings, it is usually priced around $150.00. In most cases, the smaller sizes command the higher prices. However, with the Boardman combination tool, the larger sizes appear to be harder to find.

The 6 functions of this combination tool are: screw wrench, pipe wrench, hammer, nail puller, screw driver, and bit handle.

The bit handle is the entire tool. The square opening for the bit is in the end of the handle. The screw driver is formed on the end of the screw bar which is part of the outer jaw of the wrench. The screw driver must be removed in order to be used. Advertisers claimed that the length of the tool and the leverage increased as it was opened to receive nuts of a larger size.

In the early years, Boardman apparently marketed this tool himself. It is then listed in the 1880 Simmons Hardware catalog and is shown in two sizes, 4 1/2 inches and 6 inches.

"Very few tools have met with so ready a sale, or have given such universal satisfaction."

The Tower and Lyon Co. catalog of 1904 made the above claim about the Boardman combination tool. The catalog -  showed additional tool sizes of 8 inches and 10 inches. The tools that were marketed by Tower and Lyon were stamped "Boardman Patent" and "Tower & Lyon".
-Onie Sims

Onie is a long time member of PAST. He collects Barb Wire, fencing tools, wrenches, pliers and combination tools.